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Carpe Diem Solutions

Carpe Diem Solutions is a prominent IoT innovator which designs and engineers real-time and AI-powered technologies for tracking and positioning, edge, digital signal processing and connectivity based on original and superpowerful Adaptive Lattice Filter algorithms (ALFA). Our comprehensive solutions enable turnaround digital transformation and IoT activation built on hyper-connectivity, ultra-low latency, extreme precision, ultimate performance and exponential bandwidth

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Company at a glance

16 years of building our superstar R&D team of technology leaders with world-renowned scientific backgrounds and successful experience in the development of new technologies.

16 years of research

Team-18  /  R&D-11

All proprietary solutions

Israel, Ukraine


NURE researchers work on inter-period signal processing system for radars based on Adaptive Lattice Filter. The development of the beamforming theory


Start of the AHRS and adaptive beamforming research in NURE


Tornado technology R&D develops MIPSP system and proprietary radio protocol IEEE 802.15.4


Tornado technology R&D develops Tornado A1 MIDI controller


Worlax.Graphics incorporated. Computer graphics/VR/AR studio. Worlax.Graphics and Tornado Technology cooperate on a big VR project


Carpe Diem Solutions incorporated, all scientists and engineers became a single R&D team


Pre-seed investment round


mSuit.One launch


Oleg Dre CEO


13 years in investment banking and operations improvement with C-level roles and Board memberships including government-led SOE reform advisory, repeat founder of tech companies

Gennadiy Zhuga

CTO, Ph.D.

PhD in Radio and Television Systems, M.Sc. in Radio Engineering Devices and Systems. 10+ years of experience in Radio Engineering, Digital Signal Processing. Founder of Tornado Technology R&D company

Vadeio Dadabaev


27 years of experience as CEO and owner in real estate and diamond industry including direct handling of large-scale transactions and operational excellence

Vitalii Stetsiuk


8 years experience in CGI for movies, games, industrial and commercial applications. Avid gamer and founder of Worlax.Graphics CGI studio

Alex Rud


10+ years in software and web development of commercial products. 5+ years in developing game mechanics of characters, capturing animation in real time. Co-founder and CEO at Worlax.Graphics

Alex Tron


10 years expertise in CGI, 5 years of 3D scanning and photogrammetry,
Visual Effects technical director & co-Founder Worlax Graphics LTD

Andrii Semeniaka

Research Scientist, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in RadioEngineering and Television Systems, M.Sc. in Radio Engineering Devices and Systems. 10+ years of experience in Radio Engineering, Adaptive Signal Processing, Spectral Analysis and Digital Signal Processing.

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