3D Full-Body Human Motion Capture Suit by Carpe Diem Solutions is a non-optical type of motion capture/tracking systems which deploys a combined independent tracking system of several technologies (Electromagnetic tracking, IMU tracking, Real Time Location and Indoor Positioning Systems (RTLS), GPS tracking) and proprietary algorithms to provide absolute tracking and precision data capture in any environment hassle-free and at a low cost.

Global Tracking System

We have developed a combined motion capture / tracking system. This is a real time system. It allows you to precision determine the local coordinates of moving characters and objects, measure their speed and direction to rapid animation development.

Interference-Free Radio Protocol

Low latency (less than 5 ms) and high interference immunity of the wireless data transmission system are provided by the new intelligent proprietary radio protocol. The protocol perfectly coexists with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee.

New Sensor Fusion Technology

The new sensor fusion algorithm based on adaptive lattice filter provides high accuracy of objects orientation and positioning and therefore a very high quality animation. The algorithm includes automatic correction of slippage/drift and calibration.  

Friendly UX/UI

Thanks to a user-friendly interface UX/UI we have simplified the process of Motion systems integration with various 3D engines. Ultra-small and lightweight sensors make our system exceptionally comfortable and ergonomic.

Multiple Tracking

Tracking of a single object and a full body is equally convenient. We use own MoCap gloves for finger tracking. They are already integrated into the our system and there are no problems with the compatibility of technologies.

Happy Users

Enhanced SDK enables many areas for the application of CDS technology: MoCap, Game Development/Controllers, VR, Medicine, performance enhancement in sports/music etc. for humans and animals as well

Use Cases

Our company has elaborated fundamental technology of motion data processing and integration and patented a combined multi tracking system based on that technology. Its uniqueness enables multiple applications across different industries.



A combined nextgen system provides new opportunities for indie developers, small and large companies.

In door locations

In door location

Our solution increases localization accuracy by an order of magnitude while covering bigger areas up to the needs of the customer.



We create precise positioning systems simplifying robot manipulation and control.

Drone orientations

Drone orientation

We develop automatic systems of moving objects stabilization and new controllers.



Our solutions enable DSP systems based on adaptive lattice filter for medicine, performance enhancement in sports/music etc.



Tracking suits for dancers and positioning systems of onstage show elements including dynamic light management.



Motion controllers by CDS also support gesture control for a maximum immersion in the game.



Records of movements with the help of a suit help in training dancers, athletes, teachers, doctors.

The first focus

Motion capture suit

One of the most common applications of our technology is Motion Capture/Tracking. The industry is in the upswing now and more and more indie developers are starting to use motion capture suit to animate characters, while big production companies create dedicated motion labs for that purpose. We developed a professional and affordable solution for small and big business use in this industry.

Our suit is superior to the existing products due to the precise (absolute) tracking of the movements, indoor location, simplicity of use, automatic calibration of sensors etc., which guarantee a unique value proposition at the affordable pricing.

Be among the first users of our CUTTING EDGE motion tracking suit 


Carpe Diem Solutions

Carpe Diem Solutions (CDS) is an R&D company and a specialist developer of professional wearable technology solutions and devices for unmet needs in several highly profitable markets. The company builds strategic partnerships to strengthen the power of its technologies and create bestselling products.

The company is preparing to launch a new product line - 3D Full-Body Motion Capture Suit with unmatched positioning and tracking characteristics for direct use and analysis in simulation environment. This project aims to oust inefficient existing solutions and capitalize on the booming application of animation in media & entertainment as well as technology applications in other verticals.

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